Chemical formula: Ca(NO3)2

Calcium nitrate is a multifunctional admixture. Depending on the dosage (concentration in the cement) it can act as: antifreeze admixture for concrete and mortar; set accelerator for concrete, concrete sand, foamed concrete, gas concrete, gas silicate concrete; corrosion inhibitor for metal parts; concrete wearing resistance enhancer; concrete impact strength and fracture strength enhancer; and concrete mix densifier.
Calcium nitrate can be used alone or together with carbamide (urea), which acts as concrete plasticizer. It is advisable to use calcium nitrate together with superplasticizers, such as C-3, as it helps to decrease the water-cement ratio significantly and reduce the required dosage of calcium nitrate.


Appearance Impurity-free granulated substance with color ranging from white to grayish-yellow
Calcium nitrate, %, min 96
Moisture content, %, max 3
Insolubles, %, max 0.1
Ammoniacal Nitrogen, % 0.1
Granulometric composition:
Under 1 mm, %, max
1 - 5 mm, %, min 90
Under 10 mm, % 0
Friability, % 100

PE 25 kg bags, palletized. 1000 kg big bags.

Shelf Life

6 months from date of manufacture.