Chemical formula: КNO3

Due to its high chemical purity and extremely low content of chloride and sulphate impurities, as well as of insoluble residues, this product finds widespread application in various industries.
High mechanical resistance allows using potassium nitrate in mechanized black powder and special pyrotechnical mixtures production processes, as well as in manufacturing of matches.
Lack of magnesium and calcium impurities makes it possible to use potassium nitrate as a component of thermal energy accumulation compounds in solar installations.
Potassium nitrate is also used in electrovacuum industry and flint glass manufacturing for discoloration and refining of industrial crystal glass and strengthening glass products.
In food industry, food-grade potassium nitrate (Е252 additive) is used for preservation of meat products (such as sausages, bacon, ham, tongue, link sausages, smoked link sausages etc.) and to pressed and conserved meat.


PE bags 25 kg, palletized.


Appearance             white  crystals
Potassium nitrate (KNO3),
%, min
Moisture content, %, max 0.20
Chlorides in terms of NaCl,
%, max
Insolubles, %, max 0.01
Potassium permanganate oxidizable substances
in terms of KNO3, %, max
Calcium and magnesium salts
in terms of Ca, %, max
Iron, %, max 0.005